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For the first time ever at the Mid-Year Leadership Conference, WQA is offering an afternoon of education sessions on such topics as PFAS, maximizing your input with WQA and marketing your business. We also are sponsoring a couple of roundtable discussions. Do you have a question or an issue for the roundtables? Click on the button below (by Aug. 23)  to share it with us!

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PFAS Essentials

(0.1 CPD)

In this session, we'll discuss essential resources to add to your toolkit on PFAS, and you'll receive an update on state and federal government actions on PFAS.

1:00 PM

WQA Global Governmental Affairs Director

2:30  PM

Wes Bleed

In this media training session, we'll show you how to get local media coverage and prepare for your next interview.

WQA Marketing & Communications Director

Promoting Your Company as the Treatment Experts

Hear what's on the minds of the members of the WQA Governing Boards and give your responses to their questions on issues affecting the industry.

3:00 PM

3:00 PM

This discussion presents a unique opportunity to ask questions anonymously and let your peers provide time-tested advice.

ROUNDTABLE: Questions from WQA Governing Boards

ROUNDTABLE: Solutions from Peers

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All meetings and agendas are subject to change

David Loveday

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Sessions are offered on Monday afternoons

WQA Global Governmental Affairs Manager

Kathleen Fultz

The most effective way to take advantage of your engagement with WQA is to jump into a committee or session meeting. Wondering what is the best fit for your goals? Join this session to find out. Bonus: You have an opportunity to attend WQA’s committee and section meetings in-person throughout the conference.

Maximizing Your Impact with WQA

4:00 PM

2:00 PM

3:00 PM